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Planet Geography E-Books cover the same content as the 2nd edition hard copy books.  All nine E-books feature the same page formatting and numbering as the hard copy editions (i.e. print replica).

Planet Geography E-books can be read on a wide rage of devices including laptop and desktop computers (Mac and Windows), tablets (iPads and Android), mobile phones (iPhones and Androids), and Kindles (all versions).  Because they use print replica format, text size and fonts are embedded and cannot be adjusted.

E-Books from Amazon use the Kindle app, which can be downloaded free for MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android devices using the links HERE.  Planet Geography E-Books are priced attractively in US dollars to make them easily accessible to students.  The 2nd editions of ‘Our Changing Planet’ and ‘Our Connected Planet’ are $23.50 each.  Each of the 2nd edition monographs for the Paper 1 options are $8.99.  Daily conversions into every world currency can be seen HERE.

Previews of each Planet Geography E-Book are available on Amazon’s website.  Planet Geography E-books may be obtained through Amazon using the shortcut links below.

Our Changing Planet

for paper 2 – the SL and HL Core

Our Connected Planet

for paper 3 – the HL Core

Our Planet’s Freshwater

for paper 1 – option 1

Our Planet’s Extreme Environments

for paper 1 – option 3

Our Planet’s Leisure, Sports and Tourism

for paper 1 – option 5

Our Planet’s Urban Environments

for paper 1 – option 7

Our Planet’s Oceans and Coasts

for paper 1 – option 2

Our Planet’s Geophysical Hazards

for paper 1 – option 4

Our Planet’s Food and Health

for paper 1 – option 6